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4 months ago, we had released a beta version of preschool communication platform as ‘Edumonk Preschool+’. We feel delighted with the huge success of the beta version release. Now, we are proud to announce that we have officially changed our name from ‘Edumonk Preschool+’ to ‘Kopila’.

Kopila is a platform that aims to make the lives of teachers, administrators, and parents less hectic by enhancing parent-preschool relations. With our app, Preschools can easily monitor its administrative activities and update busy parents on a child’s daily activities through a one platform solution, where parents can receive notices, school calendars, homework assignments, billing information directly on their phone, with or without internet connectivity. Kopila aims to be the number 1 preschool development platform.

Kopila creates more time for teachers to focus on the child’s development, lessens the burden for administrators, and ultimately leads to parents who are less likely to be disgruntled with the preschool.


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