Unfortunately, with limited resources, preschool marketing strategies can suffer, leaving very little room to try new marketing techniques and attract new families.

To help preschools and early age educators like you, we’ve compiled this list of free (or nearly free) marketing tactics that are easy on your budget and can help you boost your preschool’s reputation.


Create an Email Marketing Strategy

You don’t have to design a complex email marketing strategy to make it an effective one. Start by collecting email addresses of interested parents as you network and receive inquiries. (Remember to ask permission to send them marketing materials first). Leverage this list of prospective families by sending regular updates on a monthly or quarterly basis about what’s new at your preschool, and invite them to reply to you with any questions they might have. Let them know about any events you’re hosting.


Provide Online Resources

Strive to become the childcare and early childhood education advisor in your local area by offering valuable information that parents can use at home. Prepare informative blog posts, letters or posters that address some of the most common concerns and questions you hear from parents about supporting learning at home. These free parent resources will help create value in your program and position you as the go-to expert within the community.


Host a Workshop

Offer in-person workshops after-hours at your center for parents and guardians. Invite them to talk with you and your team about topics such as challenging behavior, preschool literacy, or teaching self-management skills to toddlers. This practical advice is appreciated by parents and can give prospective families a taste of what day to day life is like at your preschool. They’ll also get the opportunity to network with other local parents. Consider hosting a series of workshops to keep parents returning even after one of their children has graduated from your center.


Source Testimonials

Contact current or past families and ask if they would be willing to provide a review or testimonial of your preschool. Glowing reviews of your business are a highly effective way to attract new students, and reviews often carry a lot of weight when a parent is researching and evaluating potential child care options. Once you’ve sourced a few great testimonials, make sure you use them everywhere – on your website, in email marketing materials, on brochures and more.


Use Preschool-Parent Communicating App

Looking for another great preschool marketing strategy for your business? Increase parent satisfaction with your daycare by adopting and using a parent-preschool engaging child care app like Kopila. Emphasizing the technology your preschool uses in your marketing efforts can help attract families looking for a center that offers real-time updates and digital daily reports about their child.

Kopila is everything you need for your preschool or daycare, in one simple app. Download it today!

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