“Sometimes the littlest voices have the biggest things to say”

Since a long time, Parent-Teacher conferences have been the primary means of communication. But now, Rainbow Kids International Preschool and many other preschools are trying something new—Student-Led Conferences(SLC) that communicate not only how a student’s doing but also demonstrates their growth and learning, reflect on their progress, and to set goals for the future.

Rainbow Kids organized an SLC program last month including various themes like hygiene theme, science activity theme, coin theme, solar energy theme, snake and ludo theme e.t.c prepared by themselves.Kids presented on those themes as their parents visited and they showed their parents around each theme and explained. Students were excited to tell their parents what they’ve learned, and parents were more eager to listen to their child explain what they have been learning and the progress they are making.

Student-Led Conferences put students in charge of their own learning, give students a better handle on their own progress, and show parents that student achievement is in the student’s hands, not theirs (or the teacher’s). Plus, it gives parents the opportunity to gain greater insight into how their child thinks, what is meaningful to their child, and what their school experience is like through their child’s eye.

Student-led conferences are a great way to show leadership in your elementary students. These conferences can provide powerful opportunities for students to advocate for their own learning and are highly recommended in every school.