We all have started to accept the fact that schools are going to be shut for quite some time because of the COVID-19 (Corona Virus). The thought of staying at home with kids during the pandemic lockdown has built up a certain level of stress and anxiety for parents and guardians.

It is important to understand how families operate during this unforeseen shutdown. It is crucial to allocate time to sit with their kids and plan their day.

As per the latest updates from the government to extend the lockdown until April 8, 2020 (and still uncertain about the complete mitigation), it is a good time to sit down and plan to productively utilize the time in best ways for the kids. In a way, deep within every crisis is an opportunity for something beautiful.

‘Kopila Daily Home Based Activity’ for preschools, parents and guardians for FREE

During this pandemic, we received many requests from the parents and guardians to let the kids learn at home. Understanding their issues, Kopila in joint collaboration with preschool experts has come up with a daily home-based activities for kids where parents and guardians can actively involve in their learning activities. These activities will cover various areas of children development under ‘Kopila Daily Home Based Activity’.

Kopila Daily Home Based Activity is a free online resource for preschool, teachers, parents and guardians. Kopila will update daily where the parents and guardians can actively participate in the child’s learning. Each activity is designed to keep track of the child’s various learning scopes and to focuse on resources that are openly available in everyone’s home.

How can we access the resources for FREE?

For Preschool and Parents and Guardians (not associated in Kopila app):

Daily activity resources are free for all. You can sign up by clicking the button below. After signing up, you will have to subscribe to our daily newsletter, which you will receive in your email. You can also easily share these newsletters to other parents and preschools.

For Kopila Preschool Clients, Parents and Guardians:

Kopila Preschool Clients, Parents and Guardians can easily access the resources from Kopila app. The application is available in both IOS and Android versions. Everyday, the users will receive new and exciting activities in the Kopila app.

Parents can follow the activity instructions involving their child’s updates and provide it to respective class teachers from the app itself. Later, teachers can use the provided data and use them to track child’s progress, which is more than easy with Kopila APP.