Designed by: Banita Singh Shrestha (Principle @ Baby Bloom Kindergarten)

Dabbing is a fun and easy preschool activity where both child and parent can be engaged. This activity spark a generous amount of creativity in child and touch various sector of learning such as child’s motor skills, hand eye coordination, learning of color name with of course fun & enjoyment. Click the link below to find more about this activity!

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What is Kopila Homebased Activity?

Do you know a parent are struggling to find their way around home schooling during COVID-19? and Amidst the lock down situation we believe that learning should keep going. Based on requests from preschool leaders and parents, Kopila has decided to create a daily home-based activities for kids where parent can actively get involved in their learning.

Kopila collaborating with preschool experts, in an effort to provide daily engaging activities for children. These activities will cover the various areas of child’s development. 

What are the benefits of Kopila Homebased Activity?

For Preschool:

During this lock down period, it is hard for preschools to stay in touch with parents and children. Preschools can use this resource to keep the child’s growth in track as well as stay connected to parents. Preschool can also use Kopila App to keep an up-to-date track of children’s development Portfolio.

For Parent:

Parents are struggling to find their way around home schooling during COVID-19 crisis. For many parents, taking on their children’s education is a daunting prospect. But there are resources online that can make home learning a bit easier and more fun. Parents can share the daily progress with teachers who can keep record of their development.

For Child:

Children are not supposed to sit in a confined space for days. They have a curious mind and it a role of parents to keep their curiosity alive. Kopila homebased activities will allow to keep their learning going whilst having fun at the same time. Most imporantly, play these activities with parents will create major bonding with parents.