Kopila has been a helpful tool of communication for our preschools and parents during this lock down.

Amid the current situation, the app also provides an easy access of Kopila daily home-based activity for Kopila associated preschool and parents. The Kopila daily home-based activity has made parents more engaged in their child’s development activities. More and more parents are constantly sharing pictures and videos with their respective teachers. With the help of these updates, teachers have been able to keep track of the child’s overall development. Kopila portfolio management feature has eased the life of teachers.

So how can parent use Kopila app to update their child’s activities to teachers/preschool?

1. Photo Sharing: Kopila have recently launched Photo Sharing feature for parents. Parent can easily and securely share the pictures or videos of their child engaging in the activity via Kopila app.

2. Private Chat: Parents, teachers and Principle can also communicate about the child’s progress via Secured chat feature in Kopila app.

Why is it important for parents to share their child’s activities from Kopila App?

Kopila is not just a communication platform for parents and preschool. Kopila is a holistic student development platform that aims “to maximize the potential of every child”. When parents share pictures/activities of their child via Kopila app, teachers can easily review them and store them for the respective children portfolio assessment. (If you want to know more about Kopila Portfolio management features.. Please contact us through our facebook page).

Preschool can also easily share these pictures in the school’s Facebook page.

See how children, parents and preschool are engaging in “Kopila daily home-based activity”….

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